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The Village of Cap-Pelé will accept applications for 2018 student positions throughout the month of March, that is, from March 1st until 4 pm on Thursday, March 29th. The hiring criteria for student jobs are as follows: 

  • be at least sixteen (16) years old at the time of application;
  • have been in school full-time during the last academic year and return to full-time studies in the fall;
  • be registered full-time at a school, college or university. 

Grade 12 students are strongly encouraged to enroll in the SEED program. SEED forms are available at schools, colleges and universities and at the Employment Center in your area. By enrolling in the program, your name will be sent to all employers who might be interested in your application based on your skills and knowledge so you will have a lot more luck in getting a job. 

Those interested in applying for one of the student positions in the municipality will be able to register online or go to the municipal building to complete a job application form by the date mentioned above. 

The following jobs will be available for summer 2018 - enter at least 2 job choices on the form: FORM

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